Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): build out rep 2

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Jorge Hernandez
Name: Jorge Hernandez
City: Mount Kisco
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Sport: Football/Soccer
Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): build out

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): build out
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build out


  • 30x20 field 
  • 2 cones in the middle
  • 10-12 players
  • 2 soccer balls


1. Player A passes to player B then makes a run into space

2. Player B will lay offs a pass into space as player A then makes a pass to player C 

3, Player C will check out and dribble towards open space then play a pass to opposite side

4.A>B>C rotation 

4. this will be mirrored by the other side constantly moving both soccer balls

Coaching Points


-call player's name 

-receiving position

-open body shape

-tap the desired back foot to receive ball

-positive first touch

-speed of play  


1. Player B then plays a 1-2 with player C 

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