Football/Soccer Session (U11): (Foundation) Counter Attacking

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Counter Attacking

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Counter Attacking
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Counter Attacking

Counter Attacking

Practice Organisation

-Area 40x30yds, using penalty area divided into 2 zones (30x30 & 10x30yds), appropriate size goals at each end, as illustrated.

-14 players (incl 2GKs), arranged 5 Attackers v 7 Defenders, as shown in the diagram.

-Off-side lines may be drawn, or practice can operate with (or without) normal off-side rules applying.

-D’s leave 1 strker in advance zone who can try to win the ball early.

-Remaining D’s drop into deep zone and can only win ball back there.

-If D’s win ball: they counter-attack, playing initially through lone striker.

-If A’s regain possession whilst defending the counter-attack; D’s retreat back to deep zone to defend & practice continues with A’s in possession.

-When ball goes dead; -practice recommences with initial set-up arrangements.


-Size of area can be adjusted according to age and ability of players.

-This practice can be developed for counter-attacking or for play against a compact defensive block.

-Simple progressions for this practice are:

-- Reduce numerical advantage of D’s in deep zone.

-- Reverse overload, so that A’s have numerical advantage

Key coaching points

-D;s need to be patient, slide, cover and communicate

-D’s looking for interceptions and being aware of possibility to act fact and counter-attack, should the opportunity arise

-D’s require defensive security to safeguard against the possible threat of a counter of the counter-attacking from A’s

-A’s looking for quality of passing, movement and support play to break down the defensive block.

-D’s looking for opportunity to pass forward quickly with quality and precision to lone striker.

-Supporting runs, distances and angles by breaking players combining with lone striker.

U9’s – The players should be able to complete the Learning outcomes under passive pressure.

U10’s – The players should be able to complete the Learning outcomes at pace, under passive pressure.

U11’s – The players should be able to complete the Learning outcomes with increased pace, under passive pressure.

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