Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): Wide Attacking Free-Kick 2

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Magnus Alford
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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): wide free-kicks 2

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): wide free-kicks 2
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wide free-kicks 2


-7,3 stand in the start positionattempting to draw out to defenders

-9,6,5,4 will attack the rear end of teh 6 yrd box

-11 holds the edge of the area for rebounds and attempted clearances.

-10 makes a lateral run across the 18yrd area to see if there is space for a shot or pass


-There are two main options that should result in a direct shot on goal or a low cross across the edge of the 6 yrd box. If these options are closed down players need to be aware enough to stop and choose another free-kick routine.

Option 1:

Ball is either played down the line to player 3 from a pass from player 7. 3 runs over the ball faking a long cross into the box. Player 7 then passes down the line into player 3's run

Option 2:

Player 10 makes an early run lateral run across the edge of the box. Ideally this player should be left footed for a free-kick from the left hand side of the field. If open from the pass from 7 this player can shoot directly on goal. if this player is closed down then he can play an angled pass to player three who can time his run and shoot at goal.

Coaching Points:

Communicate, be decisive, use disguise

Coaching Points:

-Options, inswinging, outswinging short pass from 3 to 11 to drive the line and cross on the ground or in the air. Short pass to 4 to shoot (if unmarked)

-3,10,6,5 should be good in the air

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