Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Nuno Rosa Shooting Decisions (Start Time: 2014-03-22 12:00:00)

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Shooting Decisions Practical game

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Shooting Decisions Practical game
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Learning Objectives

Technical Technical
Finishing technique, Ball control, Finishing accuracy, Head up
Technical Tactical
Adjustments No time to shape body, Basics Attack the ball at optium point
Technical Physical
Movement to create space, Running, Turning, Change of pace&direction, Balance/Agility
Technical Psychological
Positive attitude, Decision making, Anticipation, Cofidence/Self believe
Technical Social
Decision making, Team work, Fun, Communication

Shooting Decisions Practical game (30 mins)

Shooting Decisions

The practice game involves 14 players in a 60x40 yard box with 2 full size goals

The pitch is divided in 2 areas on each side we have 2 attackers in the center in Red and next to the goal posts we have 4 defenders in Blue 2 in each post and a goalkeeper in each goal.

The 5 football balls for each side of the pitch are placed in the safe zone in the middle of the pitch divided by 1 yard for each side from the center.

The goal is each team have 5 balls and are trying to score five goals quicker than the other team.

The attackers run to get their first ball and as they do 1 defender from the goal post comes in to defend the goal, they play a 2v1 until they finish the balls or a defender clears

Every time the attackers bring a new ball to the game a new defender comes to defend from the goal post.


Start by using a 2v1 system and move on to 2v2 as

a defensive point of view carry on with the 2v2 but let the defenders start inside the pitch

After place the defenders in the left back and right back starting position.

To reduce the challenge

•Increase the overload to 3v1

•Give a defenders a ball to dribble to slow them down

•Play without a goalkeeper

•Play with a support player on the side line so the attackers can use to cross or pass

•Make the pitch bigger

•Push the goals back a couple of yards to make the attackers long range shooting or give them more time before defenders press for the ball

To increase the challenge

•Reduce the size of the pitch

•Position the balls around the pitch so that they are nearer to defenders

•Let the defenders decide which one goes to the ball hopping they realize that should be the nearest to the ball to go and defend

•Allow more defenders to come in make 3v2 or 4v2 increasing the defenders

•Let the defenders start couple of yards inside the pitch so they are quicker pressing

Do not forget to rotate all the players so everyone can have a go at it.

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