Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Midfield transition /Playing into Strikers Feet

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Mallory MacDonald
Name: Mallory MacDonald
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Possession in mf box.  4 v 2 (3)  Minimum of 2 consecutive passes in box before ball played in the front players feet.  One midfielder breaks out of box to join into attack (3 v 2) to create scoring chance.  Progress to 2 midfielders and one defender break out of the box to make 4 v 3 going to goal.

Rotate spare players into midfield and defending roles and switch Strikers and CB at the top of the box.

Progression is 6 v 6 in large box in center of the field with strikers and defenders at both ends.  Make it a game.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

Functional Session  (Game platform Attacking behavior is to get at least 5 players involved in a central attack)

 Central attacking moments

MF possession creating passing opportunities into feet of Central Strikers

Co ordinate timing of runs of Strikers in relation to movement of ball in mf

.  MF combing with Strikers to get create chances in A 1/3

Two main themes.  

Distribution out of MF  

Speed of attacking play through mf / striker combination to create scoring chances.

This is a midweek session focusing on good quality repetitions at speed. Intensity will be an 8, volume would be a 6 as we have two sessions left before match day.

Coaching Detail

Ball played into the grid by one of two servers.  

4 v 2 (3) in grid favoring the attackers

Red players must play minimum of 3 short passes and then play the ball into the feet of the striker who is showing for the ball

Two red Mf and  one blue defensive mf can join in the attack once the ball is played out of the mf box

MF must attack at speed and  play early ball into one of the strikers their team mate to shoot.

4 v 2 in attacking zone.

Progression would be a Half field game with two full size goals with neutral channels for wingers to attack un opposed to serve crosses in from wide positions.

Emphasis for attackers is quality service and runs of strikers in the box to attack the goal.

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