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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

Organization: Need a full field. Lots of cones and every player needs a ball. Big goals if possible and also pugg goals


Instructions: 9 Different Stations. Each Station last between 3 & 5 minutes (coaches choice) 9 teams spilt up into different countries. Once the time is up at each event all teams come in a tell the coach the score they got on that event.


1. Crossbar Challange. Players try to hit the crossbar from one of 3 distances to either earn 2 ,5 or 10 points. If the player miss the crossbar but still score a goal the still receive 1 point. Players take shots in turn


2. Dribbling Challange 1. Player start the dribbling challenge with 10 points and they dribble in and out of all the cones there and back. If the player touches a cone they lose a point. Each time the player starts dribbling around the cones again they start back on 10 points not from what they finished the pervious dribble on. The whole team adds up all there points at the end


3. Passing Challenge. Players try to pass the ball into the pugg goal from one of 3 distances trying to earn either 2,5 or 10 points . One player at a time and add up total score between all the players.


4. Turning Challenge. Same as the turning skills challenge. Every time the player does a turn they get 10 points. Tag the next player in line.


5.Chipping Challenge Players in this challenge are trying to chip the ball over the first pugg goal and into the second goal. The players have the choice of 3 distances to get either 2,5 or 10 points. Players take turns.


6. Back of the net Players have to strike tha ball at goal and hit the back of the net without the ball touching the ground first. Players have 3 different distances to chose from to get either 2,5 or 10 points.


7. Dribbling 2. . Same rules as dribbling 1 but the cones are set up differently.


8. Juggling Challenge. One player starts juggling and keeps going unitl they drop the ball and then the next player starts and goes until they drop the ball and this keeps going until time runs out.


9. Soccer Shuffle Board. Players pass the ball from behind the line and try and and get the ball to stop in the area trying to gain 2,5 or 10 points.


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