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Focus on Technical, Tactical and Mental skills

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Rondo 6v2

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Rondo 6v2
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Rondo 6v2 (20 mins)


8-10 yard circle with 6 sides

8 players, 4 teams of 2

Extra balls around

4 different color pinnies


1) Keep possession of the ball

2) Defender must poke ball out of bounce to switch off (more possession)

3) Using ONLY in the Inside of the foot to control and pass

4) Before making pass, player must call the COLOR he is passing too

5) If wrong color is called, player is switched ( defender must recognize it and switch off)

6) If wrong technique is used, played switches off (defender must call it only)

7) If one teammate loses the ball, the team goes in

Coaching Points:

Keep body open

Receive with back foot to create options

Speed of play

First touch

Angel of Support

Concentrate on Technical, position, and quick decision who to play to and what color must be called.


1) Call the color from who you received it the ball.

2) Defender must steal the ball and pass to teammate to switch off. Anyone can try to win ball and prevent the Defenders from connect.


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