Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): NB Ajax 00BB/01BW

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): NB Ajax 00BB/01BW

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): NB Ajax 00BB/01BW
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NB Ajax 00BB/01BW

Balance withing the team and positivity are key for this group. They will have 3 college guest players from Coastal Bend College.

1. & 2. Ryan/Luke- Help them decide who starts in goal. Ryan could very well ask not to play in goal at all. Ryan plays outside mid and Luke plays as a Forward, if they want to lay on the field.

3. Lanz- Left Back

4. Andrew- CB or Holding Mid.

5. Jayden- CB or Outside Back

6. Sammy- Can play anywhere. If he is not very active put him at CB with Kobe and move Andrew into Holding Mid.

7. Cruz- Can play anywhere.

8. Josh N.- Att Mid or Holding Mid.

9. Jan- Play him where you see best.

10. Kobe- CB (He really needs to show well.)

11. JR- He can play anywhere but gets caught for pace. He has been doing really good at Holding but can only last so long before fitness kicks in.

The guest players, I know nothing about. I will send the coach Lisa Johnson's number. Kit you will have one of their jerseys. If we can get them black shorts and socks, great but if not we will just make due.

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