Hockey Session (Under 18s): Royal Rumble

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

•Play 3v3

•Spare players feed ball from your team’s home left corner

•Both teams must start back in their defensive half to give space for opposition’s decision-making on how they will press

•Play 4 x 5 minute sets

•Play with spare “wall” players on each sideline – they are neutral, moving & give a one-touch pass to team they receive from (gives concept of width & out-in attack)

•Starting players can only last for three feeds, then rotate

•Team who create a shot on goal or win a PC will remain in attack & receive next feed from their “home” end


•Goal = 3

•Save/clear = 1

• Double team win = 2

•Win ball in their circle = 5

Purpose: Stop their go forward

Context: Deny space by pressing ball/passing lane

•Set a press early to delay their ball to goal

•Cover route to goal from distance

•Step through interceptions

•Closing lines – PALM2

When player goes hard to ball – other two go man to man – but use of the wall creates 2v1 so defence then implicitly move to be zonal momentarily – decision making under pressure

Implicit: Vision to move ball early from pressure – rapid attack & shot on goal

Change It:

•Expand pitch size / starting numbers

Players start anywhere for ball feed - creates chaos

• Turn & burn (score & go to attack opposite goal)

Team in possession after coach’s 8 second countdown = 5 points

OR – if only 1 GK, have 3 spare players (one on each side and one at end with no goal & when defence regain possession they have to make 2 connected passes to earn the right to attack.

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