Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): (PDP) Counter-attacking & Shooting 2

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John Evans
Name: John Evans
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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): (PDP) Counter-attacking & Shooting 2

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): (PDP) Counter-attacking & Shooting 2
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(PDP) Counter-attacking & Shooting 2

Practice organisation

• Full pitch with goals, as illustrated.

• 22 players (incl. 2GKs), organised into 2 teams of 11, 1 ball.

• Attacking team arranged 4-4-2, with strikers positioned 20yds over

halfway line, as shown in diagram.

• 4 players (2FB’s & 2 Wide MF’s) for Defending team stand off the

side of pitch at marked points.

• Practice starts with: ball fed by coach into MF pair

(opposed by their opposite numbers) within centre circle.

• MF’s feed available wide or central strikers & team has

8 seconds to strike at goal.

• After quick attack: 4D’s from outside the area quickly

enter pitch.

• Possession is immediately fed (by coach) into the same attacking

team’s central MF’s & normal build-up play develops.

• Play then continues in slow build-up or quick attacks.

• Whichever team takes possession: objective is to produce

a strike at goal either quickly or in a slower attack.

• At conclusion of slower build-up attack: original set-up

is re-established.


• Early decisions to be made by individual players on reception of

ball on whether to pass or run with ball.

• Strength & direction of receiving/first touch important & body

shape to receive.

• Timing & quality of passes for runners, in behind, between or in

front of D’s.

• Players need to understand whether to continue with counterattack

or whether to change the tempo & intent of the attack

• Simple progression for this practice is:

- After a sequence of 10 attacks: teams change places.

Key coaching points

• On taking possession: move play forward as early & quickly as

possible with a pass or run.

• After A’s first touch: attack centrally as quickly as possible to produce

a strike on goal.

• Examine movement off ball to receive passes to conclude counter-attack.

• Slow-build-up play needs to focus on dispersal of players as a team &

as units.

• Movement of supporting players to ensure possession in build-up play.

• Decision-making, accuracy, variety of passes & passing tempo in

possession during slow build-up.

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