Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): 6v6 game to improve creativity and decision making

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 3v3+3

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 3v3+3
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Improve creativity in your game. Decision making. Creating score chances.


6v6 game. 3 inside players, 2 sideline players, 1 outside player.


Offence. Use possession to create score chances.


1. Objective is to score on one of two two goals.

2. Players can score only from the opponent’s defensive zone.

3. Defenders can’t enter their own defensive zone.

4. Sideline players can move only between middle line and opponent’s defensive zone.

5. Defensive outside player is inactive and he stays between his team’s goals. Offensive outside player can move only in his own defensive zone.

6. Any time the ball left the pitch, game starts from outside player and we start with 2-1 formation.

7. At least one defender has to play on the opponent’s half.

8. If player decides to pass the ball to sideline player, he has to take his place and sideline player with first touch enters the pitch.

9. Outside player has maximum two touches. He can decide if he wants to enter the pitch with his first touch (and only with first) or he wants to keep possession by passing the ball.

10. Inside offensive player can enter opponent’s half in two ways:

a) Cross the middle line with the ball (in that case defender can follow him).

b) Pass to sideline player and take his position (defender can’t follow him).


There are a few rules so it can seems to be complicated. If you do this game for the very first time, you can add rules step by step, e.g.:

1. Start with using sideline and outside player only to wall passes.

2. Allow them enter the pitch with first touch.

3. Add rule number 3.

4. Add rule number 7, etc.

Doing this, after 10 minutes you have very good game improving your players creativity, movement, decision making.

Main concept of the game:

During first phase we have 3v1 or 3v2 (if another defender decides to enter opponent’s half) situation. That should allow attacking team play quite comfortable and give them time to make decisions. Do I have enough time and space to enter opponent’s half with dribble (but if we don’t score fast it will be 2v3 situation)? Or maybe we should play patiently and find possibility to pass the ball to sideline player and create 2v2 situation? Is it good time to switch? Outside player also has to decide if it is better to pass the ball or maybe enter the pitch with his first touch. In second phase as well as in the first we have many decision making situations. Regardless of situation (2v2, 2v3) we still have two sideline players to use. Depending on our decisions, creativity and skills we will succeed or fail.

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