Football/Soccer Session (Reserves): (Pro Dev) Individual Defensive Awareness

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): (PDP) Individual Defensive Awareness

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): (PDP) Individual Defensive Awareness
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(PDP) Individual Defensive Awareness

Practice organisation

• Area 30x30yds with line across width 10yds into practice area, with

cones, goals & target boxes arranged as illustrated.

• 12 players organised 4v2 in 10yd end zone, plus

4 Defenders in large area, 1 ball.

• Players restricted to designated zones.

• 2 Target players 5yds behind 4v2 zone, defending goals.

• Practice starts with: ball fed-in to 4v2 by T player.

• Objective: retain possession in 4v2 in the end zone & look for

opportunities to clip passes into target boxes, at other end.

• Alternatively: players can run with ball out of end

zone to get through one of the coned gates to score.

• D’s must be aware of players looking to break through gate, or when

to drop-off to intercept or deflect lofted passes into target boxes.

• If D’s gain possession: they try to make long passes past T’s at

opposite end to score & practice continues.

• If pass is intercepted by T’s defending targets: play continues as

they feed back into 4v2 game.


• Scale & size of targets can be adjusted to suit skill levels, but need to

remain realistic.

• Simple progressions for this practice are:

- T moves into defenders’ zone, to receive pass & run with ball

through 10y end zone

Key coaching points

• D’s need to constantly evaluate & prioritise threat.

• Adjust to triggers: pressure or no pressure on ball: slide & press

as a unit.

• Adjustment to movement or flight of ball.

• Movement of individual D, to adjust position: side-on where possible.

• Adjustment to regain compactness if defensive line

is broken.

• Decision on first touch to clear ball or controlled possession to pass

& play out from main area to T’s.

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