Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): Active warmup with Dynamic Stretching intervals

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Warm-Up

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Warm-Up
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Warm-Up (10 mins)

Organization:4 Grids-20x20 each, Each player has own ball, equal number of players in each grid

Activity:1min on the ball, coaches command, 30 seconds dynamic stretching, coaches command for a total of 10 minutes.


1.) 1min-dribble within own grid--30sec-leg swing hand to toe while walking

2.) 1min-inside feet (quick feet)--30sec open the gate while walking

3.) 1min-dribble within grid, make a move away from another player--30sec close gate

4.) 1min-inside feet, pull ball (top of ball) left or right on command then resume inside feet til new command--30sec butt kicks

5.) 1min-rollover dribbling right foot only--30sec knee to chest, alternate while walking

6.) 1min-rollover dribbling left foot only--30 sec ankle rotate (dig ankle in grass and rotate) while swing arms for upper body stretch both forward and backward

Coaching Points: Keep ball close to body. Can the player look up while dribbling. On quick feet, inside foot to inside foot, are they straight legged or are their knees bent for good form. Take stretching seriously.

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