Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): One Touch Passing and Readiness (Start Time: 2014-01-09 11:45:00)

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Coaching Points:

Keep feet moving. Don't be lazy off the ball. Push-ups for team/players that are being lazy.

Passing Technique


Game Awareness

Make others look good

Pass the way you are facing

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): One-Touch Progression

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): One-Touch Progression
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One-Touch Progression (20 mins)

Divide players into 2 teams. Players pass 1 touch to each other. On coaches shout/command, players perform the following:

Dribble out of the grid and through the cones. Passes the ball back to the grid. While player is dribbling teammates are rotating into new positions in preperations for the balls return.

(Remove all but the furthest cone) Pass to a point man who passes back one touch to the grid. The player that passes to the point man should become the new point man. Players should be rotating and preparing for the balls return.

Use of the point man as above. Instead of passing to the grid immediately, the point man plays a 2 pass combination (passes to then receives) with the player comng to be the new point man. Plays the ball into the grid after receiving the ball back.


Players interchange by following their pass within the grid.

Players can play a clipped ball into the area.

Increase the difficulty by shouting "change" while players are dribbling or the ball is in transit to the point man. Teams will change grids and recieve the ball for that grid. Players from the teams will mix during this.

Create a competition. First team to get the ball back into it's grid and under control earns a point. Increase the difficulty by adding a defender and requireing the succesful team to make 7 consecutive 1 touch passes to earn a point.

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