Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Technical training 3 station ball control. Plus tennis ball techncial.

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Field Layout

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Field Layout
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Field Layout

Tennis ball day all techncial work will be worked with a tennis ball.

3 stations 12 minutes each station plus group warmup

Station 1. Relays

race 1. Normal dribble

race 2. Normal dribble

race 3. Toe taps bottom foot backwards

race 4. non dominant foot

Station 2. Gate game multiple blocks 60 seconds each. repeat 2 times challenge players to be better and beat their score the second time through.

Block 1. Dribble Normal

Block 2. Bottom of the foot rolls

Block 3. Dribble through and cut back

Block 4. Non dominant foot

Station 3. Coerver...Depending on field saturation I would like to do this section with a tennis ball without cleats on so that they are really developing that feel for the ball with their feet. If not wejust keep the shoes on.

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