Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): Through Ball passes

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Main session

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Main session
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Main session (50 mins)

Through ball game:

Area 30x20yds

10 players (including two goal keepers on rotation) arranged 5v5 as shown in diagram,

Players play in the middle third retaining possession until there is opportunity to play 'through-ball' to a team mate who has made a run into the 'attacking zone'

Players are not allowed to enter into their defensive third.

Objective of the session is each team attempts to score in opponents goal from the attacking third. No goals can be scored from the mid-third.



The loading teams can be changed to produce overloads/ underloads (e.g. 4v2).

Simple progressions for this practice are:

One defender is allowed to travel into the defensive third when the ball travels into it.

One touch finish- 3 goals.


Key coaching points

Timing of runs when about to receive a pass in an attcaking position

Decision making when to play a through ball or keep possession.

Different types of passes (Lofted, Driven, Side rule)

Players try to finish early where appropriate to prevent goalkeeper from getting in a set position and closing the ball down

Recognising opportunities to shoot early.



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