Football/Soccer Session (Difficult): 3v3 w/ target and server

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 3v3 w/ a server

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 3v3 w/ a server
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3v3 w/ a server (20 mins)

Set Up: 3 or 4 Teams of 3 players. A server in the left or right back position. A GKer in goal. The the third team are targets and wall passers. The field should be about 50x35-40 m minimum. The safe zone is approximately 40 m from the goal.

Instructions: A player from the attacking team checks into the safe zone to receive the ball from the server. No defenders can follow into the safe zone. The player with the ball initiates the attack with a pass or a dribble and they try to score. The can, but are not required to use the wall passers. If the defending team wins the ball, they try to play to the target player just past the safe zone. On every goal or every time the ball goes out of play, the server looks for an attacker to get into the safe zone to receive the ball. Play for a time limit.

Progressions: 1) allow the server to play into any player whether in the safe zone or not; 2) take away the safe zone completely 3) add a second goal and play a 3v3 game.

Coaching Points: Body shape when receiving the ball. Quality technique with dribbling, passing and finishing. Play simple and early. Move in conjunction with teammates to create opportunities. Think ahead. The defenders should look to secure the ball before going for the target.

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