Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): NET BALL - Football (Start Time: 2017-12-26 18:00:00)

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Shaun Hamill
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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Net Ball - Football

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Net Ball - Football
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Learning Objectives

Throwing, Catching, Passing, Receiving
Movement off the ball, deception, creating space
Running, quick change of direction, speed, strength
Deception. patience, team work,
Communication and team work

Net Ball - Football (20 mins)

Set up

No more than 6 players per team (even numbers)

No Goal keepers as everyone should be moving everywhere.

1 target goal each - position doesnt matter - its just a target to aim for.

bibs and balls

Object of game to put the ball in to the net. (you may have to restrict where they can score from if they can throw it the full length of the pitch.


1. You CANNOT move with the ball.

2. You cannot take the ball off the person in possession.


Because no player can now run with the ball they must look for passing opportunities. This means players have to make clever runs off the ball, move the ball quickly and take their time to look for the correct pass (could be backwards). Players should be encouraged to look for overlaps, make clever runs off the ball and not to be afraid to pass backwards.

Younger players should be encouraged to make easy passes as they often look to throw it as far as they can (which isnt as far as they think)

Progression - Move to feet but again players CANNOT be tackled but equally they CANNOT move with the ball.

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