Hockey Session (Transition Phase): Physically Distanced 3v1

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

Objective: Create game-like attacking scenarios while adhering to social-distancing restrictions.

Skill Emphasis:

  • Passing
  • Ball carrying
  • Shooting
  • Vision
  • Leading
  • Defensive positioning
Set Up:
Set up three cones at the 40-yard line.
Three attackers versus one defender and one goalkeeper.
Attackers line up behind each cone, defender starts with the ball as if they are starting an outlet (16-yard hit).


1. The defender begins the drill by taking a 16-yard hit. The first three attackers set up as if they are defending the free hit.

2. The defender passes the ball to one of the attackers.

3. Free play. The goal of the attackers is to score without coming within six feet of the defender or each other, the goal of the defender is to keep the ball on one side of the field. Due to the attackers' numerical advantage, they should be able to work the ball around the defender without getting close to them.

4. The play ends if: players get within six feet of each other (coach blows a whistle and play resets), attackers score or get a corner, defender intercepts and clears the ball.

Coach's discretion: playing free hits, long hits, or side-ins.


Put a time constraint on how long the attack has to attempt to score.

Put limitations on how long an individual player can hold the ball or how many touches they can have.

Encourage your off-side attacker to stretch the field, by making a long lead behind the defender.

If your players are perpetually getting too close, make the playing area larger, make your defender start from farther away, or discuss their need for quicker passes and better structure.

Drill provided by Anne Parmenter, Trinity College.

The NFHCA Drill of the Week is sponsored by FieldTurf®.

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