Football/Soccer Session (Advanced): 6v4 Transition game

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Transition with a netral zone

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Transition with a netral zone
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Transition with a netral zone

Set Up: Set up a full indoor field (roughly 45x27) with a central zone at least 5 m in width. 4v4 (or 5v4) in each end and 3v3 in the middle zone. Goals with GKers at either end.

Instructions: The attacking team playes 6v4 (or 6 v5) as 2 of the middle zone players join the attack. Look to score. Once the GKer has the ball or if the defenders win the ball, they play as quickly as is sensible through the MF in the middle zone transitioning to attack. While the attack happens, the two players who joined the attack in the previous phase go back to the middle zone. The remaining middle zone player from the new attacking team should centralize him or herself and attempt to intercept any transition passes into the MF.

Coaching Points: Look to go forward on the transition, but be controlled not hitting and hoping. Support the attack from the MF. Balance out to try to shut down any counter. Attacking movement should be coordinated and not isolated. Technique should be quality and the transition from D to A should be immediate and at speed. First priority is to secure the ball ... then go forward.

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