Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): U16, Week 20, Speed, Session 10

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Warm UP

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Warm UP
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Warm UP


General x 2 each

Jogs, weaving in and out, low skips, high skips, carioca, high knees, heel flicks, open/close gate

Dynamic x 2 each

Squat on every cone (emphasis on 2:1secs eccentric:concentric tempo), walking lunges

Running mechanics

A-walks x 2 in lines - emphasis on hip-to-lip arm movement, knees coming forwards and heels close to backside, feet dorsiflexed

A-Skips x 2


Partner Falling starts - players in pairs, one player is held at a 45degree angle, on players command is released to maximal sprint for 20 yards. Each player performs 3 sets each

Falling starts with ball drop deceleration - player 1 at start of 20 yard line, player 2 at end of 20 yard line. Player 1 performs maximal falling start in first 10 yards, in the following 10 yards they must decelerate to stop as soon as player 2 throws ball to the floor. Each player performs 3 sets each

U Drill - Players start in a 3 point stance with the nearest hand on the cone, players accelerate forwards to the opposite cone at which they deccelerate then side step around the cone and back pedal to the start come and return to the 3 point stance and repeat back round to the start position. Repeat through twice then on final set teams compete against one another.

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