Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): Forward passing & receiving

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Michael Fox
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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Forward passing & receiving

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Forward passing & receiving
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Forward passing & receiving (45 mins)

Organisation - 2 areas (6x10yrds), with a central area (2x10yrds). 12 players, 2 attackers v 1 defender in each area with a server and a target player for each.

- 6 Balls for each group.

Objective - Attackers to transfer the 6 balls from one side to the other using the 2v1 scenarion in the area. Groups look to complete the transfer of the balls in the quickest time possible. Players to rotate after each practice. If defender wins the ball it doesn't count towards their score. 6 is the maxium points.

P- Tell players they can't play back into server for the easy pass ( Looking for players to become more composed in 1v1's & movement from TM to support )

P2 - Add 2nd defender from the central area once the ball is played into area to create 2v2.

P3 - of the 6 balls a defender from the central area can join to create 2v2 on a limited number of occasions eg ( 3 balls, 2 balls or 1 ball ) without telling the passers.

P4 - Begin with 2v2 in practice area with the outside A allowed to support play from behind to create 3v2.

What will help us to be successful in this drill ?

- Open body ( Whats that look like ? How does this help me? )

- Playing quickly ( How can you help yourself to play quickly ? )

- Create space ( Even with the right body shape to receive the ball, if you don't create as much space as possible you make it easier for the defender to win the ball )


Passing, moving & dribbling techniques

Weight of pass into area for receivers

Making early decisions & selection on retaining the ball or combination with team mate to gain success.


- A's on outside of practice looking for best pass in to team mate

- A's in area look to create space & opportunity to receive both individually & for team mate.

- A's looking ahead try to get side on to receive ( to advance play quickly if possible )

- Using a combination with a TM to beat the defender

- Individual dribbling & sheilding to evade defender as well to create time & space to pass.

- Use a disguise & clever turning techniques

- Composure in tight marked situations & awareness of need for patient build up & ball retention.

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