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2v2s, like 1v1s, are a hugely important part of the game, but unlike 1v1s, 2v2s are more gamelike as there are more decisions to make and more options. Attackers have an option to dribble or pass and the teammate needs to understand how to support a teammate.

Equally, it's important for defenders to be able to defend correctly and transition to attacking. Playing to end lines is more game-like and can help develop 1v1s than perhaps playing to goal, as, especially a younger player might feel the need to just shoot when they see a goal.

Equipment & Setup

10x15yd zones

6-7 players to each zone - divided equally or 3 at one end, 4 at the other

balls at one end between a pair


Players at one end are attackers and try and dribble to the opposite end line. The defenders try and stop them by poke tackling, gaining possession and transitioning to the attacker's endline. If the ball goes out, the players rejoin the line. If the attacker successfully reaches the end line, they get a point. If the defender tackles they get a point, if they can dribble to the attacker's end line they get an extra point.

4 or 5 players per zone is perfect. They need to get reps in, develop, stay focused and not get bored in a line. Give them 2-3 minutes to get enough reps in, but they will tire quickly so be mindful. At the end of the 2-3 minutes, switch teams around and let the attackers defend and vice versa. After that, you can switch groups between zones.

Change difficulty

  • Make the grid smaller to make it easier for defenders, and bigger to make it easier for the attacking team
  • Make the endline zone smaller so the players have a smaller area to dribble to
  • Introduce a points system between the attacking and defending teams

Coaching Points


  • With the ball - What are your choices? Space or no support - dribble! Have a teammate in space, near the goal/end line? Pass!
  • Without the ball - lose the defender, get into space and ask for the ball!
  • Attack the space - if there's room to dribble, accelerate and make up as much ground as possible.
  • Change speed, and direction and be unpredictable - when approaching a defender, slow down and make it as difficult as possible for the defender to read your decision


Don't dive in! Try and slow the attacker down, approach side-on and wait for a good moment to get the ball!

Communicate - let each other know who is going to the ball and who will watch the other player/help their teammate
Pressure and Cover - the nearest player goes to the ball and the other covers the space behind ready for the attacker to pass or dribble

Context to the game

The 2v2 is a great microcosm of the full game. It has all 4 moments of the game - attacking, defending and transition between attacking>defending and defending>attacking. There is so much to be learned about the game within small sided games like this, with more reps for players and more opportunities for success and learning.

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