Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Nuno Rosa Pass and Move (Start Time: 2014-03-22 11:00:00)

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Pass and move Practical game

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Pass and move Practical game
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Learning Objectives

Technical Technical
Pass&Receive, Running with the Ball, Head up, Dribbling
Technical Tactical
Positioning, awarenss, support play
Technical Physical
Movement to create space, Running, Turnign, Change of pace&direction, Balance
Technical Psychological
Focus, Decision making, challenge, Fun
Technical Social
Communication, Team Work

Pass and move Practical game (30 mins)

Pass and Move

Good practical game to work on defensive and attacking skills.

6 Attackers in Red

3 Defenders in Blue

4 Support players in Green

The games start with 3 groups of 2v1 2 Reds v 1 Blue with the 4 greens support players inside the squares in each corner of the 30x20yards box

The objective of the game is that the Reds attackers have to pass the ball to the greens in each corner until they have passed to all the four corners

Each pair of Reds are trying to do this faster than the others, if the Defender in Blue recovers the ball the Reds have to restart all the corners.


•Start by playing with the ball in their hands after couple of goes limit them to the high that they can throw the ball (not over the head, or has to bounce on the floor)

then move the ball to the floor.

To reduce the challenge

•Increase the size of the area and the corners they are passing into

•Increase the overload to 3v1 or many suitable challenges for the passers

To increase the challenge

•Designate how the ball must be passed into the corners (left foot, right foot, back heel, chip)

•Have the player that passed the ball to the corner player to swap places with him(make sure you change the colour bibs for the same colour)

•Increase overload can 1 attacker play against 2 defenders and still pass to the 4corners

Do not forget to rotate all the players so everyone can have a go at it.

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