Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Match-Day Warm Up 2

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Match-Day Warm Up 2

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Match-Day Warm Up 2
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Match-Day Warm Up 2 (25 mins)

Match-Day Warm Up 1: 25 Mins Total

  • Passing & Dynamic Stretching (5 Mins)

    Outside player passes ball to middle players

    Middle players shift, receive on back foot play left.

    Player left receives and passes square down line.

    Players all follow passes.

    2 balls playing simultaneously.


    Players receive and play onto right side.

    Play 1-2 touch / 1 touch.

    Higher tempo

    Coaching Points

    Open body shape

    Receive on back foot

    Weight of the pass 

  • Static Stretching (5 Mins)

  • Passing (3 Mins)

    Repeat passing warmup without stretching

    Increased tempo start at 1-2 touch progress to 1.

    1.5 minute then switch receiving side.

  • Static Stretching (2 Mins)

  • Switching Play & Rotational Rondo (6 Mins)

    3v3 in the middle with 2 players each side in corners.

    Players attempt to play from one side to the other.

    Variations (2 Mins each)

    Player on outside swaps every successful switch

    Player on outside swaps every pass

    Play 1 or 1/2 touch (can add a joker for team in possession.

    Coaching Points

    Rotational movement in middle.

    Receive with good body shape on back foot & half turn to play forward.

    Weight of the passing.

    Using outside player to change angle of attack

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