Football/Soccer Session (Mixed age): Improving Balance and Coordination

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Balance and Coordination

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Balance and Coordination
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Balance and Coordination (15 mins)


Start Cone. Cones set up in a slalom, 4 yards apart. Cone with Server. Ladders. Cone with Server.


From the start cone, slalom in between the cones in section 1, getting down to touch each cone, moving side to side instead of running forwards to each cone. When players reach section 2, the server throws them a ball which they have to control and play back. Then around the top cone, through the ladders (section 3) using quick feet and on to section 4, another server who feeds them another ball which they control and play back. They then return to the start cone.


Servers can throw the ball to whatever part of the body they wish. They call out the body part they are throwing too when they throw the ball. E.G. Volley, Knee, Half Volley, Chest, Header.


Players do different patterns through the cones and the ladders. E.G. Jockeying forwards and backwards through the cones and hopping/skipping. Through the ladders vary one foot in each, two feet in each, side to side etc.


Each repetition through the circuit will take roughly 20 seconds. Next player will start when first player reaches section 2 (half way through circuit). There will be 6 players in the line. Therefore each player will work for 20 seconds then have 60 seconds rest.

3 Repetitions per Set.

After each Set, Change the pattern through the cones.

5 Sets in Total.

Total Working Time - 5 minutes

Total Resting Time - 10 minutes.


Technical Benefits:

Receiving, Passing, Heading

Tactical Benefits:

Positioning of their body

Physical Benefits:

Balance, Coordination, Agility

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