Hockey Session (Under 14s): Counter colors

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Robert Jan Cox
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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Max 4v3

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Max 4v3
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Max 4v3


Summing up situations and making split second decisions.


There is a Blue, White & Red station which each has attackers in Yellow and defenders in Green.

Blue is a 1v1 tackle back situation, White a 2v1 and Red a 1v1.

Players at the three stations stand ready waiting for their color to be called out, upon which they can start.

The drill builds up 3 times in any order each round before it starts again.  This means that if Red starts (1v1), then they join in with Blue when they go next  (2v2) and both join in with White (4v3) before the drill starts a new again.

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