Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Sweeper Keeper - Defending space behind the back line

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Defending scenarios to develop the goalkeeper's ability to play from the back and come out of their box or goal line to defend space behind the defensive line.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Warm up

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Warm up
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Warm up (20 mins)

Work in pairs. 3 rows of cones will be set up on the field anywhere between 5-10yds apart to simulate the space between the back line and the goalkeeper. This is also a point of reference for the space the keeper needs to clear when distributing and clearing a dangerous ball.

One coach will be on each side of the cones providing coaching tips. This is the most crucial part of the session as coaches will be able to give feedback and adjust technique as needed based on the keeper's abilities.

One side of the cones will roll hard towards their partner and the partner must try to kick the ball back to the server, with the ball in motion power behind the kick is important.

4 minutes then switch roles. Have keepers focus on quality of reps. Switch up partners if necesary to keep serves different. NO keeper is allowed in between the lines of cones. 8 min total, 4 each keeper, then change to drop kicks. For drop kicks the objective is to clear the cones so power and accuracy are crucial. 4min each side total of 8 min drop kicks. 16min total for warm up.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Live Drill

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Live Drill
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Live Drill (35 mins)

Clockwise rotation. Two teams of keepers divided as evenly as possible. points are awarded when the keeper makes a successful pass to the yellow squares or when the attacking team scores. Interceptions are not a point but they can lead into a shooting situation. Serves will be in sequence from cones 1,2,3


  • One ball at a time.
  • Keepers in the yellow squares will roll, throw or drop kick to their goalkeeper at which point the attacking team can start play.
  • Keepers in the yellow sqaures CANNOT cross into the blue squares
  • If an attacking player comes into possession of the ball they must take a shot themselves or pass to ONE team mate.
  • This is a back pass so the keeper is NOT allowed to use the hands until the opponent touches the ball. 
  • If the keeper saves a shot and comes into possesion of the ball, they can now attempt to score a point by distributing to their team mates
  • The keeper must decide depending on the serve weather to stay put and face the shot or come out and clear the danger. Encourage keepers to be ready to clear the ball and call out 'keeper' EVERY single time.
  • Keeper will also have team mates on the wings as an option but if played there, the attacking team can pressure until the ball gets to the yellow squares. (Attacking team can also choose to mark up a winger as soon as they can move in order to cut that option away from the keeper)
  • Keepers will go three serves then rotate out.
  • 8 min rounds then teams switch roles. Should have enough time for both teams to go twice 32 min total

  • Player led drill so encourage players to decide who will be in goal, who will be the wings and to communicate effectively when distributing.

  • Coaching Points: 
  • Keeper CAN and SHOULD be an option for wingers to play to.
  • Prevent stoppage as much as possible unless absolutely needed.
  • Give tips to the keepers outside of goal so when they come back into goal they understand and can execute decisions which team mates can pick up on.
  • Remind serving keepers the speed and method of serve can and will have an impact on their team's overall chemistry.
  • Points are being tracked BUT remind keepers that the main objective is to clear the ball away from their area.

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