Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Box n Break

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Chris Williams
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Defensive Reds keep possession and score through gates (5 gates in one play = 1 goal). Attacking Blues win possession and play ball out to two attackers who try to score.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Breakout the box

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Breakout the box
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Breakout the box (30 mins)

SITUATION : Evolution Parma game

Play a 5x4 inside the game area

2 forwards against 2 defenders and 1 goalkeeper outside the initial game rectangle.

Objectives for Red defenders:

For the reds inside the game area: Ensure the collective conservation of the ball and score points by finding a partner through a door.

For the reds and the goalkeeper: Protect their goal, oppose the progress, In case of recovery, find a partner in the game rectangle.

Objectives for the Blues Attackers:

Catch the ball collectively and then try to score a goal in the cage (defensive-offensive transition + possibly new offensive-defensive transition if the ball is recovered by the Red defenders)


Play on the numerical reports inside the game rectangle then, during the transition, on the number of players projecting forward to finish the action (example: 2 Blues accompany the action so 4 x 2 then go from the easiest to the most complicated)


Only 1 player accompanies the attackers, so 3x2

Allow one or two Reds to come back to defend to restore numerical equality)

Coaching points:

Make pedagogical remarks on the need to get to the goal quickly, in order to keep the time ahead in a favorable digital situation and thus prevent the defenders from returning.

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