Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Defending in Small Numbers (compactness) (Start Time: 2015-02-03 18:00:00)

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Defending in Small Numbers (compactness)

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Defending in Small Numbers (compactness)
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Defending in Small Numbers (compactness) (15 mins)

Title: Defending in Small Numbers (compactness)


Inner grid 12x12y

Outer grid (whatever size needed)

Split group into the following

4 x defenders who play as a unit (example shown is yellows have 2xCDs 5&6 and 2xDCM 4&8)

Remaining players are attacker on the outside (blues)


To prevent forward passes through the inner box that split the defenders.



Blue team start with one ball and attempt to pass to each other on the outside. Their objective is to pass through the inner grid so that a teammate receives the ball on the opposite side of the area. The yellow players have to collapse and work together to prevent the ball from being players through.

Work for 60 seconds and rotate


The defenders have to try to remain in their shape as the ball transfers. For example, if blue 1 has the ball then the defenders are in the correct shape in terms of their positions realistic to a game. However, if a ball is played to blue 3 they are no longer in the positions relevant to a game. Therefore they would be expected to shift and swap to establish their positions. Yellow 4 and 8 would have to push forward with yellow 5 and 6 dropping backwards.

Work for 60-120 seconds

Replace the defenders with other positions




2) Introduce a Multi ball system to assess how the defenders react to added stress. Depending on their outcome will depend on whether to remove the shape condition.

Work for 60 seconds

3) At any time the defenders can break out of their inner grid in at attempt to regain the ball. At this point the blue team have to complete a set number of passes in order to score a goal.

If the defenders regain the ball they have to score into a goal or have to complete one pass.

Work for 60-120 seconds

Coaching Questions/Points

1) Early pressure

2) Body Position

3) Cut off pass lines

4) Support and balance

5) Reshape quickly

Coaching Style

Guided Discovery with Q&A

Specific praise and hustle behaviour to increase intensity

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