Football/Soccer Session (Beginner): HYSC Development Game Day Clinic Week 8 (Fall 2022) (Start Time: 2022-11-13 08:30:00)

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Our Harrison Development Game Day clinic mission is to provide players a better understanding of game rules, restarts, team shape and principles of play. This will contribute to their development as they graduate into our travel teams.

The Game Day clinic is also a great opportunity for us coaches to reinforce the learning outcomes of what we did during the week at our different locations. It also gives our younger non carded players the opportunity to execute the skill sets learned in a game environment. We will teach each week 1 rule/ restart and a principle of play. Our focus is to allow our younger kids to experience as much game like fun/competitive environment.

Our session plan contains 2 warm ups and a game structure. Please feel free to choose 1 warm up you would like to deliver base on the players ability levels.

In every session, We will use the MVP system to reward players. We will use this type of system in a matter to encourage players to do better each time. At the end of the session who ever has the most MVP points will win the MVP award.



Week 8: Corner Kicks - focus to teach players when Corner kicks are apply and what part of the field the kick is take it.

And teach to player that are receiving the ball to move around to create space

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Foundational Warm Up

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Foundational Warm Up
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Foundational Warm Up (10 mins)


  • 30 x 20
  • Every player with a ball
  • 4 Pug goals or cone goals
  • As shown on the diagram players split into 2-3 teams withpinnies
  • Players are given numbers


Depending on the topic and goals you want to achieve for your teams,each week you will choose from one of the foundations below to helpplayers be successful based on learning outcomes.

If you have GKs, add conditions specifically for them to allow them touse there hands to steal in the individual

and group possession activities.

Foundations Part 1 individual possession multiple surface control

Each player must complete a series of ball mastery multiple surface control. The coach or player will demonstrate the below list of movesand have the players copy for 1 minute.


  • Dribbling/running with the ball multiple surfaces inside outside laces & sole of the foot
  • Pendulums inside of the foot Forward+ Backward 
  • Toe Taps Forward+ Backward
  • Pull back


  • Inside cut
  • Outside cut
  • V turn
  • U turn
  • Scissors
  • Advanced
  • L turn
  • Ronaldo chop
  • Cannons
Foundations Part 2 Individual Possession Player Attributes

  • Players dribble the ball around the inside of the grid imitating a characteristic of the below professional players. (Boys and Girls)Painting the Picture of each one of the player's characteristics:

* MESSI/LLOYD: Head up looking to get into the gaps using small, quick touches with the Pinky Toe (outside of the foot).

* POGBA/HORAN: Head up to recognize when there's no gaps/space, then change of direction (12 o'clock to 6 o'clock), ball comes out ofyour feet, and then head and eyes up getting into the new space.

* RONALDO/MORGAN: Head up to see when there's a lot of space in front of you, then big touch to accelerate and get your head/eyes upand attack the space.

CHRISTIAN PULISIC/PUGH : Head up to recognize small tight spaces ,using the inside/outside surfaces of the foot to unbalancedefenders and make the space big enough to penetrate.

NEYMAR/HEATH Using multiple surfaces to manipulate the ball unbalance defenders using a move to create space for end product. 

Game Instructions

  • On coaches command, a number is called out and the players with the respective number will become defender. They will try to
  • steal the ball and transition to score a goal in one of the pug goals. In the example on the diagram, #2 was called so all #2's will go todefend the opposite teams.
  • The players on the ball will gain points by keeping possession of the ball for the entire round (30 second rounds).
  • -You can also do this by shouting out the colors of the groups so the color you call will defend.

Ball mastery Warm UP (10 mins)

Foundations part 3 Group possession

  • -Same set up as foundations part 2 but now teams have one ball and they are looking to maintain possession of the ball

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 4 v 4 small sided games

See the guidance at the top of this page to understand why you are not seeing interactive Football/Soccer images.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 4 v 4 small sided games
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4 v 4 small sided games (50 mins)


  •  Area size 30 x 20.2. 3 v 3
  • 4v4.


  • Players split up into 2-4 teams and play a round robin tournament 
  • If tie, assigned 1 player from each team to go into a 1 vs 1 dual.The game will last 10 seconds. Everyone will start the countdown. 

Coaching Points:


3 players= triangle

4 players= Diamond

Coach yells SHAPE players will have to go back into their shape

(Use this when you see players bunching up) Give them points for being first team to get back into shape.

Use the coaching tools to make 1 or 2 stoppages per game about the skill set/move learned. Also, make sure we are going over their restarts of the game. This week we will concentrate on kicks off

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