Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Coach Says

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Coach Says

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Coach Says
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Coach Says

Coach Says

Start with all players working together to score a goal. The coach prescribes skills or actions players must do before scoring (examples below). The coach times the team to see how fast they can complete the checklist and then score a goal. Play again and see if the team can beat their time, then pick new goalscoring criteria for the next round.


  • One pass before scoring
  • Every player must touch the ball
  • Every player must touch the ball with their knee
  • Five Pullback moves
  • Five passes that leave the ground
  • Every player must show their favorite goal celebration
  • One pass between a teammates' legs

The game becomes more fun the more creative you can be when prescribing goalscoring criteria. Can the players communicate and cooperate to beat their time and score together?
Add Challenge: If you run out of ideas and have extra time, add a defender to disrupt the team. If the defender wins the ball, they keep possession as long as possible to give the team a worse time. If they don't beat their score, the defender scores a point.

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