Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Defending Corner Kick option, 7 v 7 (U9-10)

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Defending corner kicks

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Mixed marking

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Mixed marking
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Mixed marking


In the image above the players are arranged using MIXED MARKING. I

-Mixed marking is a combination of ZONAL Defending (where players are responsible for an "area" on the field and any players entering it) and MAN to MAN Marking(where players mark a specific opponent)

(NB: I have chosen to not put a player(s) on a post as at this age the nets are fairly small and the ability of the opponents to finish 1 time accurately is not the norm. In the image I have also assigned a role or zone to a player based on the position they play for simplicity I have not taken other factors into consideration as you would at older ages such as height, jumping and aerially ability..

ZONAL Marking Players

-The Left Mid is positioned between the goal area and penalty area and is responsible to defend against balls driven in along ground or aerially to near post.

-Left Back & Right Back are positioned centrally at top of six.

Man to Man Marking

-The right and center mid can mark specific opponents

-The striker is positioned up field and central but a little more so on the side the corner is being taken.

The striker can help create a numbers even situation in the event of a short corner and is well positioned for balls that are cleared. He also maintains some natural depth where he can be used as an outlet if the team wins possession of the ball.

-If balls are cleared the they should be cleared --FAR, WIDE and HIGH.

-In the event the opponent attempts to play a short corner the left mid and striker move to create a 2 v 2 numbers even situation.

-Players should try and maintain an open body position where they can see the ball and player

-Players should try and be goal side and ball side.

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