Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Breakthrough Game (Start Time: 2015-02-03 18:20:00)

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Breakthrough Game

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Breakthrough Game
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Breakthrough Game (20 mins)


1 x 15x15y inner grid

Large circle 35/40y diameter

12 players split into 4 groups of 3 (or equal depending on squad size)

9 players are positioned on outside of the circle and 3 players act as defenders in the inner grid.


For the attacking players to attempt to pass the ball through the grid.

Defenders have to work together to prevent ball from being passed through.

Defenders work for 1min per Rotation.



1) 1 goal is scored if the ball is passed through the grid by breaking two lines (dotted line)

2) 2 goals are awarded if the ball is passed through the grid splitting at least two defenders (full line)

3) if defenders can intercept ball and can control it inside the inner grid 1 goal is removed from the attacking team. (If the attacking team is on zero at the time of the interception then they resume play on -1).


1) Any player from the outside can move into the inner grid to receive the ball to play out. (Blue player example) but only 1 player at any time can receive the ball in the grid. 3 goals are awarded for a successful attempt.

2) Players can now dribble through the grid to score a goal (see yellow 1) but 2 lines must be broken for a dribble to count.


If the yellows combined though the middle and work the ball to the opposite end a goal is Coaching Questions/Points

Coaching Questions


1) why is it important to continue to change the angle of attack?

2) when should you attempt a through ball?

3) what problems might arise if you remain static on the outside?

4) what influence can you have when not in possession of the ball


1) how can you remain balanced to prevent a split ball?

2) who dictates the movement as a unit?

3) how can you force the play to make it predictable?

Key factors

1) Press

2) Compact

3) Cover

4) Balance

5) Control

Coaching Style

Guided Discovery with Q&A

Hustle behaviour to increase intensity

Buzz Words






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