Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): 15/12/12 development squad strength speed development (on field plyos)

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

total area 60 x 40

30x20 grid split into 6 x 10x10

following warm up inc dynamics

10 mins

1 min fast fett drill through ladders- this is to encourage short contact time with the ground starting to get feet moving quicker


6x 10m speed sledges x 3 sets increase mass each set by 30% upto rep max 1@10kg, 1@20kg 1@30kg


1 set 3x max mass run to 10 m line then release and sprint for last 10m with no resistance


power bags squat jumps drop and sprint

perform 3 squat jumps then drop bag and sprint across 10m. walk to end then return by double leg broad jumps from line to line- challenge is to try and decrease number of jumps between lines.

4 sets . after each set 120sec ball recovery increase mass of power bag - if no power bag then use weighted vest.

then perform as above but with a throw press instead of drop - make sure area is clear before commence set once run to other side perform 6 power press ups with spiderman crawl back to start


hurdle jumps with ball recovery between then 120s active rest after each set

4 sets- set 1 linear set 2 left lead set 3 right lead set 4 linear

try to get a rhythem going.

total number of contacts lower body 40 low 32 medium 24 high total 96

upper body 24 medium 12 high total 36

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