Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): UEFA A Principle 3 - General Session

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Malcolm Carl Shaw
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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): UEFA A Principle

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): UEFA A Principle
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UEFA A Principle (25 mins)

UEFA A- General Session 

Focus: Controlled possession using the extra players.

Team with the ball, will look to keep possession using both GK's, and the 2 outside players who will be on 2 touch.  

Sub Focus: Defending / Counter Attack

To make it difficult, for team with the ball, cutting passing lanes, force them one way and putting pressure on the ball, to regain possession, and when they do get the ball can they counter attack and score in either goal. They can also use the extra players on the outside.

Set up:

2 GKs

2 teams of 6 players plus 2 neutral players on the outside

Pitch area 36 x 44 yards

balls around pitch

1 team begins practice from goal keeper, ball starts from coach if opposition score on transition


3 blocks of 6 minutes divided into: 

Swap teams in possession after 3 mins

Block 1: Normal / feel for the session (Manage as required)

Block 2: In this block one of the outside players can come into the playing area to make it more difficult to defend. When the defending team wins the ball they can also use the extra player in the playing area,

Block 3: Same as block 2 but both outside players can come inside the playing area.

Progressions: If there is a misplaced pass which goes out of the playing area coach (me) will play ball to one of the defending team to counter attack quickly to try to score.


Walk through 1min 

Con current / Q and A, as required during session

Coaching Points:

In Possession: Width and depth / control the ball / angles and movement / tempo of passing / variety of game

Attacking transition: Can you play forward quickly and score?

Defensive transition: Can you put pressure on the ball / stop shots / slow them down / recover quickly

Out of Possession: Can you apply high press/ narrow and compact / defend as a team

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