Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Passing & Receiving GAG Activity

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 3v2 towards goal

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 3v2 towards goal
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3v2 towards goal

Organization: Field is 35 x 15 as shown. 2 teams of 5 plus a goalie. 2 nets, Soccer balls in each goal and with the coach.

Description: Play starts with the coach serving a ball into the 3 attacking players. 3 attacking players are in their own end as the coach serves the pass. One of them control and build play towards goal (B) in order to score. At the same time 2 blue players start on the half way line adn try to win the ball and score on goal (A) as soon as the white team has one touch on the ball. The blue team must play three passes before they can enter the opposite half and score. When a goal is scored or a shot is taken, or ball knocked out of play, the process is repeated in the opposite direction with the 3 blue players now attacking goals (A). Continue this rotation.

Objective: Commit the defender by dribbling the ball at the goal. if the defender blocks your progress pass to a teammate in a better position. As a group pass the ball until you get an opportunity to shoot by entering the opposite half. Be paitent and keep the ball moving. (pry & probe)

Coaching Points:

- spread out as a group to create space

- open out as you receive the ball

- keep ball out of your feet and get head up to see passing opportunities.

- pass into the space in front of teammate

- pass the ball firmly with inside/outside of foot

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