Futsal Session (Beginner): Recieving With The Sole

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Arran Horton
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An introduction to sole of the foot control, offering practice reptition, different methods of direction, creativity, game like progressions.


Futsal Session Plan Drill (Colour): Recieving With The Sole

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Futsal Session Plan Drill (Colour): Recieving With The Sole
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Recieving With The Sole (30 mins)

Recieveing With The Sole


Set up - Players will work in pairs. Boxes and players can be suited accordingly. Allow enough space to encourage game like runs and movement.


Player A recieves the ball but can only recieve the ball in a red box, Player B then moves to find a free red box, Player A then plays to B, and vice versa.


Use the box to encourage recieveing with the sole of the foot.

Round 1 - Players recieves and leave the box the same side the ball entered.

Round 2 - Players leave either the left or right side of the box.

Round 3- Players recieve and leave the opposite direction.

Round 4 - Can the players use a combination of drags/grips with the sole of the foot to leave in different directions.



-Left foot only

- Can players recieve in every box in the quickest time

-Players must leave in a certain direction.



-Introduce blockers players who can dribble a ball and block (not tackle) to slow the players down.

-Introduce defenders, cant tackle but can intercept players passes.


Coaching Points

-Emphasis on gripping and rolling the ball for ultimate control. (Almost hand like)

-Using the whole of the sole of the foot, from heel to toe, espcially when offering more creative exits from the boxes.

-Quality and tempo of the activity.

-Decision making when blockers and defenders are introduced.

-Type of runs to boxes that are empty to find free passes.

-Can the control with the sole be big enough to leave the box.


Coaching Demos

Demonstrate barefoot, This way players can see the movement your foot makes when dragging/rolling/gripping the ball. (Toes curling down, ankle position)


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