Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): 5v5+ gks to end zones

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Leo Barbosa

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Leo Barbosa
Name: Leo Barbosa
City: Rochester
Country: United States of America
Membership: Adult Member
Sport: Football/Soccer


    Group tactics: 

    • Back 3 - always +1 in the middle channel
    • Mid 4 - Condense space between lines. defend flanks (pressure, cover, balance)
    • Forward  - Side of the ball for counter attacks

    Team Tactics:

    • Condense space between lines
    • Condense lines horizontally
    • Protect the goal
    • Prevent playing through
    • Command: "Double" when opponent receives the ball between lines. Pinch, shift.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Exercise

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Exercise
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5v5+ passive goalies going to end zones

  • Goalkeepers acting as back support
  • 40x40 square
  • King of the court: 2 minutes or 2 points
  • Increase/decrease space to make more/less challenging
  • Limit touches to increase challenge

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