Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Stations work- agility, turns, passing n receiving, dribbling/RWB (Start Time: 2015-06-23 17:05:00)

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Boys U8 ADP stations work Jun 23-1

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): stations

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): stations
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stations (55 mins)


diffenent footwork through heladders then a 5- 6 yard sprint to the cone.

a) straight running through the ladder

b) sideways through the ladder

c) 2 steps in the ladder and with right foot step out to the right

d) same as (c) but switch to left foot


working on different turns and moves. Have them dribble to a certain cone and tell them which turn to perform. You can put red , yellow, blue and white cone so you can just call out a color cone. to challenge them you can even say- blue cone pullback, then at white cone inside cut.

a) inside cut

b) outside cut

c) pullbacks

d) Cryuff turns

e) sole of the foot turn

f) have them peform a move Sciccors then dribble to a cone and perform a turn

g) have them peform a move fake and take then dribble to a cone and perform a turn

Focusing on quick sharp turns and that 5 yard exceleration.

Passing and receiving

- in groups of 3, two players with one ball and third player is working.

- cones about 5 yards apart, player that is working will go to one player receive the pass and pass back, then and quickly get to the other partner and do the same. working for 1 minute then switch. You can through it with each player twice doing 2 touch, then using 1 touch

a) work with 2 touch

b) one touch

Focus on qood quality passing and receiving. Player going back and fourth is working hard. Everything is to be done with the inside of the foot. When doing 2 touch they MUST take 2 touches. Players are always on their toes.

Dribbbling RWB

-players on the blue side will dribble the ball across to the red players , the red players will RWB going back.

- dribbling across- toe pointed down and lots of touches

-RWB- quicker less touches ball a liitle more in front of you

10-12 min for each station, water break after each station.

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