Football/Soccer Session (Beginner): Stuck in the mud

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Stuck in the mud

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Stuck in the mud
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Stuck in the mud (15 mins)


- One (1) soccer ball per player

- Lined 18 yards box or 8 cones to create a rectangle

- Two (2) pennies



The players are in the 18 yard box. One player does not have a ball and is wearing the pennie. This player is the defender. The other players have a ball and they are the attackers.



The attackers are dribbling around in the 18 yard box. The defender is chasing the attackers and tries to touch the ball, with the feet, from one of an attackers. If the defender touches the ball the attacker pick up the ball and hold it above his head. The attacker will also spread his legs. The attacker got "stuck in the mud". The other attackers, who are not stuck in the mud can save their teammate by dribbling the ball through the opened legs. When this has happened the player who was stuck in the mud drops the ball and is dribbling around in the 18 yard box again.


The game is over after 60 seconds or when all the attackers are stuck in the mud


Coaching remarks attackers

- Dribble around inside the circle, keep the ball close so you can keep it away from the defender

- Do not get stuck in the corner, always try to dribble to open space

- When the defender attacks you, try to shield the ball and dribble away from the defender

- If you know a move, use this move to keep the ball away from the defender


Coaching remarks defender

- When you chase down an attacker, do not stop until you touch the ball from him


Methodical steps easier

- Make the rectangle bigger. This will make it easier for the attackers to dribble around and away from the defender


Methodical steps harder

- Make the rectangle smaller, which will force the attackers to keep more control over their soccer ball when dribbling around and away from the defender

- There are two (2) defenders who are trying to steal the balls from the attackers

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