Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Acceleration/Deceleration

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Sprint Variations

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Sprint Variations
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Sprint Variations


Set up as many stations as you need for players - should be 4 (ideally) but no more than 5 at each station for work to rest ratio


*Players will always be competing against one another - One player will start on either end*

Round 1: Players will sprint from end to end (focus on acceleration & deceleration when finishing run)

Round 2: Players will jockey backwads from end to end

Round 3: Players will sprint/shuffle/shuffle/sprint

Round 4: Players will sprint to each cone but must sprint back to start before progressing to next

*Introduce Ball - Players get into groups of 2*

Round 1: Players start on same side - Sprint to cone, check back to receive - Continue until all cones are hit (switch roles) - One touch & Two touch (Explain the sprint like you're going on a run and it breaks down and you must now check back in to receive the ball)

Round 2: Players start on same side - Dribble to cone - turn and pass to partner - receive back - turn and dribble to next - Repeat to end

Round 3: Players start on opposite sides - Player 1 with ball passes to start - Partner (2) receives and dribbles to next cone - Player 1 moves up to 2nd cone while partner (2) is dribbling and ready to pass - Partner (2) Plays pass into player 1 as a wall pass,and then overlaps as player 1 hits a soft through ball into space

Coaching Points/Questions:

Accerleration after the change of direction is made

Deceleration upon arrival of change of direction and when finishing exercise

"Chopping your feet dead"

Low, athletic position when changing direction or receiving the ball

Firm pass on the ground to intended target

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