Football/Soccer Session (Advanced): tecnical, awareness warm up and passing pattern

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1 (15 mins)

Technical awareness warm up...Lots of equipment, poles, hurdles, ladders, in a 40x40 box. I have written 4 in the middle and 4 outside, but works just as well with 8 in and 8 out, etc etc...

1)Red Players on outside start with ball. They serve the ball in to a blue, and then have to sprint to any other different side of the box. The blue player works 3 pieces of equipment, IE a ladder, a hurdle, ball manipulation round one poll, and then must pass out to another player on the outside, different to the one they received from. Work 1 minute at a time, high intensity, football related movements and changes of pace...IE after they have passed the ball out, go back inside, check for new server and then quick movement to receive whilst always keeping head up to find the free players. PROGRESSIONS. 1)After the players receive and do their technical work, they can pass hard into any of the goals when the coach holds up a certain coloured disc. 2) Middle players are numbered 1 and 2. Half players on the outside have a red disc and half a white disc each. Number 1's can only receive and pass to those on the outside with a red disc, and number 2's to players with a white disk. Encourages great awareness perception and constantly looking for the players they can pass to.Also encourages outside players to move quickly and be in a position to receive the next ball after they have passed the first one. 

Passing pattern. 1) Server plays to player between orange cones. This player plays to server, then quickly checks off on 45 degrees to receive the ball back foot. 2) They then play a pass to the player in front who has moved45 degrees the other way, and the two exchange 2 wall around and through the poles. 3) The final pass allows the deepest player to play a 45 degree pass out to the player on the sideline. 4) HERE ARE THE CHOICES! 1) This player can take the ball back foot, and pass hard into the goal. 2) The player can take the ball inside, and the deepest player who passed to them can go on an overlap to receive the ball in space and pass into the goal. 3) The wide player can play a wall pass with the deepest player to get into the space behind. 4) The wide player can play a wall pass with the player who started the practise and has now moved into the orange cones.5) Same as above, but this time the wide player comes inside, plays inside, and the deepest player performs an overlap to receive a third player pass from the starting player. 

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