Football/Soccer Session (Beginner): Agility and Ball Manipulation Course (Start Time: 2015-03-31 15:10:00)

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Agility/Ball Manipulation Course

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Agility/Ball Manipulation Course
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Agility/Ball Manipulation Course (20 mins)

Description/Set-up: This course is intended to work on players agility and ball control at the same time. This is intended for ages U8 and up and can be done with any number of players equally divided into each section of the course(A, B, and C).

Equipment: Agility ladder(if you don't have one use cones), cones, speed hurdles(if you don't have them use tall cones), and speed poles(if you don't have them use cones or pennies/bibs on the ground.

Part A: In part A players perform basic two touch in each square of ladder(both feet land in each square as they progress throught the ladder). At the end of the ladder the player sprints diagonaly to cone 1, back pedals to cone 2, runs diagonaly to cone 3, back pedals to cone 4 then sprints to the ball where they perform for example 10 toe touches.

Part B: In part B, players run through hurdles, landing both feet between each hurdle and perform 10 side to sides with the ball at the end.

Part C: In Part C, players run through the speed poles and then perform 10 scissor moves with the ball at the end.

In all parts, one a player gets to the ball, the next player in line goes. In each part(A, B, C), the players are to go through it 5 times each. So for example, once a player in Part A finishes his/her toe touches he/she runs back to the beginning of Part A where they will go through it 4 more times.

When all players in each group(A, B and C) are done with their 5 turns they will rotate to the next section. A will go to B, B will go to C and C will go to A. This will continue until all players have gone through each part of the course 5 times.

Notes: The ball manipulation at each part(A, B and C) can be what ever skill you want your players to do.

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