Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Centre Forward Support Play

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Centre Forward Support

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Centre Forward Support
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Centre Forward Support

Playing into a striker and supporting

Two teams playing in an area with two end zones.

One striker for each team plays in the end zone. Strikers have two touches only.

Teams score by passing into their striker and supporting, then shooting into one of the mini goals once they have linked play and received possession from the striker in the end zone.

Players can only enter the end zone once the ball has been played into it.

PROGRESSION - Strikers must play off one touch.

PROGRESSION - Add defender into end zone.

PROGRESSION - Striker can rotate with midfield runner

PROGRESSION - Striker can come in and create overload

Key Factors

Reaction to gaining possession (6 second rule) -

* Awareness - Can players in possession pass forward into the striker? (Counter attack) If not can they keep possession and wait for an opportunity to play into the striker?

* Hold up and link play - When to play off one touch?

- Hold up and link play - secure possession with 1st touch, link play with 2nd touch.

* Supporting runs - Where? Why? Timing of runs.

* Cover and balance

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