Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): Developing Attacking Wide Play

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Benjamin Sohier
Name: Benjamin Sohier
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Developing wide play and attacking oppourtunities through combinations and creating overloads

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Function

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Function
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Function (20 mins)


8 Players

5 x Blue (Attackers) v 3 x Red (Defenders including GK)

Blues setup with a CB (server), RB, CM, RM, ST.

Reds setup with a GK, LB, ST.

Half pitch

Create wide playing area; width of goal to corner, length of goal line to half way (red cones and shaded)

Cones indicate starting position of players (yellow for Blues; white for Reds)

Ball starts with Blue CB on halfway, play into Blue RB, combine and develop attack to create a cross for Blue ST to finish. CM and RM to be involved.

Unnopposed to begin with; work on principles; Red defenders stick to cone, be a visual block.

After 7-10 minutes, Red defenders (ST and LB) introduced to create 3 v 2 (overload) in wide area. Defenders live when Blue RB takes first touch.

If Blues score, recycle and start back at Blue CB (server), if Reds regain ball, can they play back into Blue server in 10-15 seconds (points system possibilities).

Coaching Points

Width, depth and length to setup; make the wide area stretched

Movement on and off the ball to receive, minimalise pressure upon player in possession or create chance to cross

Split opposition; create and exploit gaps to play a pass or dribble through

Incisive and decisive play; penetrate and play forward when possible

Be positive; chance to create

Wide play covers 1-2 corridors so huge empthasis of attackers playing on different vertical lines

Quality of first touch; close, inside-outside, into space, open up

Quality of pass; to feet, to space, behind, in front

Quality of cross; lofted, driven, whipped, front-near post, edge, attacker's movement, position of GK.

Decision making; when can you play forward? when to dribble or pass? how can my movement create space for me or team-mates? if we lose the ball, where am I?

Combination Ideas

- Full back overlaps and underlaps, winger delays and plays in

- ST to come to feet and bounce round for winger or fullback

- CM narrow and ball to feet, lofted channel ball to winger or fullback


- Pass limit to create crossing oppourtnity

- Red defenders live when CB passes ball into RB

- Add in Red CB to go against Blue ST in crossing instances

- ST can only finish first time


- Red defenders passive, free to move but not to tackle

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): SSG

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): SSG
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SSG (25 mins)


18 Players


Blues (attackers) setup in a 1-3-4-1

Reds (defenders) setup in a 1-3-3-2; creates a Blue midfield attacking overload

Half pitch +10-15m.

Ball starts with Blue GK, play out to CB or Full Back. Combine and develop attack to score.

If score from a phase of play involving wide play goal is worth 3 points.

Goal from phase of play not involving wide play is worth 1 point.

If Blues score or ball goes dead, recycle and restart with Blue GK.

If Reds regain possession, can they score into opposite goal in 15 seconds? (Worth 2 points).

Coaching Points

Refer to function.

Empthasis for CM, either side, travels into wide corridor to create a 2v1 or 3v2.

If play is on the left, players not actively involved need to tuck in and consolidate in case ball is lost.

CM look for oppourtunities to pivot and switch out to the other side, opposition will have tucked in and narrowed.

ST, CM and opposite winger to fill 18yd box and attack crosses.

Defensive considerations even when in possession; how to negate counter attack

Role movement; LM could narrow play as inside forward for CM or LB to fill space; CM to advance and travel into ST role, LB underlaps and overlaps, CM to come away from play altogether taking opposition CM with him to create space.

Be ruthless and clinical in front of goal


- Reds have longer time limit to score on counter attack

- Crossing and finishing advancements; first time, volleys, headers, pull backs.


- Reds have a short time limit to score on counter attack

- Red attacking unit only passive, easier to play out from Blue defence to midfield








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