Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): 2v1 Defending (Defending Principles-1st & 2nd Defender)

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 2v1 Defending

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 2v1 Defending
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2v1 Defending

2v1  Defending (Angle of Approach)          

Defender passes across and defends alone against two attackers. Attacker must score by dribbling through gates. 1 pt if attackers score. 1pt if defender stops attack. 2 pts if defender wins ball and dribbles across opposite endline. Have two defender take turns for 3mins and then switch roles. 2nd defender's job is to help partner by giving directions, working on how to communicate. Angle of approach must take away pass to 2nd attacker and forcing the player with the ball into the boundary line creating a turnover.

Option of, if the 1st defender can delay the attack for 5 seconds then the partner is released to come into play 2v2.

 -  Angle of approach - away from 2nd attacker

-  Body angle/position - how close?

-  Communication & Direction

-  Patience & Timing

-  Distance & positioning

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