Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): breaking lines

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Jon Lloyd
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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): OA1 General Session (BREAKING LINES)

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): OA1 General Session (BREAKING LINES)
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OA1 General Session (BREAKING LINES) (10 mins)


SESSION OBJECTIVE: Understanding how to break lines and connect with teammates, whether that’s through, over or around.

ORGANISATION: 40x30 split into 3 zones. 4x RED players in possession, 4x BLUE players out of possession. 4x Mini Goals. 4 sets for each team with a 2 minute break in between change over, ensuring coaching points are provided to the appropriate team.


- Coach to serve the ball to either RED section to gain possession, one defender from BLUE team is allowed to enter the zone at this time.

- RED team must try to break the BLUE defensive line by either going THROUGH, AROUND OR OVER.

- When BLUE team intercept, they can look to play in ANY of the 4 Mini Goals.

PROGRESSION(S): Attacking team can be limited to 2 touches, middle zone could be taken out to enforce more success and realism into practice.

REGRESSION(S): All defenders to occupy the middle zone so attacking team is unopposed and can find more success in BREAKING LINES.


1. Can the attacking team Break Lines by going THROUGH, AROUND or OVER?

2. Can we use disguise and deception to break through to find teammates in opposite zone?


- Team in possession once progressed will be limited to 2 touches (if they exceed the number of touches , play will restart with the opposite attacking team).


- Target for Attacking team is to break lines by exploiting and using gaps left by opposing team to be able to play Through, Around or Over to their teammates in opposite zone.


- Decision making, when do we make the pass?

- Fast Passes

- Play Through, Around or Over!

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