Hockey Session (Under 14s): Open receiving leads

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Open receiving leads

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Open receiving leads
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Open receiving leads


Leading to receive open.


The drill is mirrored left and right.

Drill starts with player 1 leading from the blue cone back towards player 2.

Player 2 then plays a pass to player 1 who wall passes it back in one movement.

Player 1 then hook leads towards the outside away from player 2 but while keeping eye contact with player 2 turns over their inside shoulder to receive the ball open and passes using a short grip hit to player 3.

Player 4 has a defender marking him who has to defend on interception, while player 4 must try to run a lead which will allow him to receive a pass open from player 3 beyond his defender, so he can accelorate towards goal.


- If done with a keeper be sure to alternate sides and ensure players on each side are not shooting at the sametime.

- Players must try to make use of dummy leads and communicating where the receiver wants the ball to be passed.

- Players first goal must be to receive the ball open beyond the defender and only if they can not achieve that should they receive the ball still having to do an action to pass their defender.

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