Football/Soccer Session (Reserves): (PDP) Attacking Flank Play

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): (PDP) Attacking Flank Play

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): (PDP) Attacking Flank Play
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(PDP) Attacking Flank Play

Practice organisation

• Full pitch including goals, with 44x35yd area marked by cones in

centre, as illustrated.

• 23 players (incl. 2GK’s), arranged 4v4 plus a Floater

in central area, who plays for the team in possession at all times;

2v2 at each end outside of penalty area

& 2 flank players for each team, as shown.

• Practice starts with: Coach passes into central area, to Attacking team.

• A’s look to keep possession for 5 consecutive passes before playing

into front players.

• Strikers spread ball to flank, for winger to dribble & cross into

penalty area.

• If D’s gain possession: they can move ball to flank quickly to

counter-attack (do not require 5 passes in central area).

• One MF player from central area can attack goal, looking to receive

cross with strikers, making third player in opponent’s penalty area.

• After each attack/counter-attack: Coach restarts practice by

feeding into other team & roles are reversed.


• Players remain within designated areas, with the exception of

breaking MF player, who must change for each counter-attack.

• Moving the play early: timing, speed & angle of forward runs to

support receiving player.

• D’s to defend realistically at all times, tracking runs

& challenging.

• Simple progression for this practice is:

- If recovering team regains possession: it can initiate its own


- 2 MFs and 1 DMF join the counter attack from the cental area .

Key coaching points

• Precision & quality of passing & support play in MF area to achieve

5 consecutive passes.

• Intelligent use of possession, movement & individual skills, on & off

the ball.

• Early recognition of supporting strikers to ‘show’ for ball out of

MF area & combine.

• Quick reaction to movement of players to initiate counter-attack.

• Quick change of attacking to defending & defending to

attacking attitude from players.

• Looking for timely runs & well-placed passes to quickly penetrate

opposition on counter-attack.

• Concentration & assessment of build-up play in advanced positions to

receive break-out passes from MF.

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